Sexuality: The disorders of sexuality

Sexuality does not always go without saying; sexual disorders are quite common, although it is sometimes difficult to talk about them.

In men, it can be a problem of erection, premature ejaculation or loss of libido; sometimes the anxiety of the performance, the complex of having a small penis, is at the origin of these disorders, but psychological causes, organic, medicinal ... can be at the origin of these disorders. A depressive episode, for example, or taking certain medications can be a source of dysfunction.

In women, the absence of orgasm, pain during intercourse, a drop in libido are the most common disorders; these disorders sometimes come from psychological blockages, but can also have infectious causes, organic, etc.

Whatever the problem of sexuality: it is essential to talk to your partner. The dialogue within the couple, if necessary with a general practitioner, a specialist, is the first essential step in the resolution of these disorders. Because if some sexual problems have their origin in the psychological level, some disorders can be treated or relieved by drugs. So do not hesitate to confide in a doctor, even if the approach can be embarrassing at first.

To find out more about the different sexual disorders - in men as well as women - see also our sections dedicated to sexual problems and taboo topics.

Do you feel the need to discuss your problem confidentially? See you in our FORUM on sexual disorders.

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Sexuality: The disorders of sexuality

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