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Vaginal dryness

Pain during intercourse, loss of libido, depression ... vaginal dryness can have serious consequences for a woman. It is a symptom that can affect all women, especially menopausal women, but sometimes pregnant women or young mothers.

However, vaginal dryness is too often a taboo subject, which is difficult to talk to his partner and the gynecologist. And yet, there are solutions to fix it.

What is vaginal dryness? This is when the vagina does not become wet ... or, in any case, more than enough, and may lose some of its elasticity, which progressively makes sexual intercourse painful, if not impossible.

It can have many causes: it is often linked to menopause, but can also occur during pregnancy, and can be caused by a vaginal infection, or by an intimate toilet too aggressive.

Vaginal dryness can lead to dyspareunia, ie pain during intercourse, which, if not treated, can quickly lead to a fear of penetration. This can cause a drop in libido ... further increase vaginal dryness, and of course cause tension within the couple.

To read all the answers on the causes, but also the treatments of the vaginal dryness.

What are the causes of vaginal dryness?

The causes of vaginal dryness can be multiple and it is in this sense that it is important to determine them in order to find a suitable treatment with the help of specific specialists.

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