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The wasp sting: desensitization

In case of wasp sting, allergic reactions can be severe. In this case, desensitization should be considered.

Desensitization, how does it work?

The principle of desensitization is to gradually accustom the body to the allergen involved to avoid abnormal reactions.

But the first step is to confirm the existence of an allergy. For this, it is necessary to consult an allergist who will make blood tests and possibly cutaneous to confirm the existence of the allergy, and to evaluate its severity.

Test: What is your risk of being allergic?

Individual allergic risk depends on many factors. Take our test and discover your personal risk of allergies. Just answer a few questions!

Desensitization is only considered for people who have a general reaction after a sting because there is a vital risk.
Desensitization is very effective, it works in 90% of cases . It is done in the form of injections.

The principle is to inject minute, then progressively stronger doses of venom so that the body becomes accustomed to tolerate it. The desensitization starts in hospital (in case a major reaction occurs), with a technique called " rush " which is a fast technique. One reaches the dose that was fixed in a few hours in the hospital with injections every half hour.

Then you have to maintain this dose at the rate of one injection per month, which can be done by a doctor in the city. At the beginning the injections are done every month but they can be spaced progressively until 8 weeks.

In general, these injections must be maintained for 5 years, and then the allergy must be reevaluated by blood and skin tests.

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