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Herbal medicine: advice on the precautions to take

Before embarking on herbal medicine, we must take some precautions:

Attention to interactions!

Some plants are toxic or interact "badly" with other substances: with certain drugs or treatments, with the contraceptive pill ...

Be careful and ask your doctor, pharmacist or specialist (herbalist, phytotherapist) before starting treatment!

In case of pregnancy :

Be careful, some plants are contraindicated, such as sage or rosemary, before taking any plant or product of this kind a priori harmless, it is important to check with your doctor.

NOTE: although it is described by the WHO as "traditional medicine", phytotherapy does not replace the "official" (allopathic) medicine!

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Source: My natural pharmacy, Dr. Yves Donadieu, Robert Laffont - Answers.

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