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We often have a misconception of this disease that is gout : often we think it is an old disease, which affects the good living, people with a lifestyle disorder.

Gout is a metabolic disease. At the origin of gout, there is a chronic hyperuricemia, that is to say an abnormal increase in the concentration of uric acid in the blood. This uric acid overload in the blood can evolve over time and worsen in the absence of appropriate care.

Access to gout is the acute manifestation of this metabolic disease that causes deposition of urate crystals in joints, but also in the kidneys. This bout of gout is very painful for the patient, and is the cause of local inflammation of a joint. Renal damage is irreversible and the severity of the disease.

Gout is a multi-systemic disease, that is, it can multi-organise and progress to serious complications, such as joint and bone destruction; and kidney failure, but also cardiovascular pathologies, etc.

Gout is primarily a serious joint disease, but it can be cured, provided you take the prescribed treatments. The figures show that in France the prevalence of the disease in the general population is increasing: it affects more than 450, 000 French adults. If one considers its potential complications, this often neglected disease should be considered a public health issue.

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