The fracture of the nose

The fractures of the nose are most often consecutive to the practice of certain sports (VTT, rugby ...), but also to aggressions or fights.

The fracture of the nose is a fairly frequent facial trauma: it accounts for about 40% of all facial fractures.

Depending on the configuration of the fracture of the nose, the treatment may require surgery, or even a second a few months later, especially when healing leads to sequelae (bumps, deviations ...). Other times, no intervention is necessary.

The nose consists of various small bones and cartilages, with a very vascularized mucosa that can bleed easily or cause edema in case of trauma.

Following the trauma, it can develop edema, hematoma, a deviation of the nose can appear ...

In case of major trauma with an open wound, it is necessary to intervene quickly.

But if after the trauma, the nose is very swollen, the surgeon may prefer to wait a few days before intervening, the time that the edema is partially absorbed. The surgeon who intervenes is usually ENT or plastic surgeon.

Read this article written with an ENT surgeon who reviews the causes, symptoms, and fracture treatments of the nose.

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Author: Nathalie Mathieu.
Expert Consultant: Pr Franck Boutault, Head of Maxillofacial Surgery Department, CHU Purpan, Toulouse.

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