Dysgraphia is a disorder that affects manual writing and its layout. The writing is either too slow, too fast, not readable, tiring, etc.

It is most often isolated, without associated neurological or psychological disorders.

A writing disorder, a loss of self-confidence, poor grades ... can be signs of dysgraphia in children.

It is observed that dysgraphia affects more boys than girls (95% of boys). Indeed, around the age of 7-8, girls often have more developed fine motor skills than boys. In addition, they are more interested in complying with academic requirements. As a result, they integrate faster the common code that is writing.

Dysgraphia is a term used for a tense, hasty writing, without organization with letters of all sizes, in the end a writing that is very difficult to read.

It is important to know that dysgraphia is in no way a sign of neurological or intellectual retardation. It may be a reflection of an affective disorder more or less associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, intellectual precocity, etc.

Treatment of dysgraphia is based on graphotherapy sessions and / or psychological follow-up.

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Updated: October 2016

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