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The dental pain

Caries, gingivitis, dental abscesses, here are the three main causes of pain in the mouth. A pain that often happens suddenly and violently. Toothache can be extremely painful and throbbing, and can disrupt everyday life, but also the patient's sleep.

In case of dental pain, it is of course advisable to consult very quickly a dentist to provide all the necessary care to cure the cause of the pain.

The most common dental pain is acute pain. Caused most often by a bacterial infection, it sets up very quickly, and to relieve it must act on the cause of the pain (caries, gingivitis, etc.).

Other so-called chronic pathologies can induce dental pain. These chronic pain are not necessarily due to problems of teeth, or gums themselves: it can be neuralgia or muscle pain ...

In case of extraction of a tooth, phantom pain can also occur, a feeling of pain that persists for a while even if the cause of the pain has been eliminated ...

Each type of pain requires specific care by a dentist.

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Author: Elide Achille
Expert Consultant: Dr. Vianney Descroix MCU-PH, Department of Odontology GHPS - Paris.

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