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Creatinine is a naturally occurring substance in our body and especially in the blood, which can be dosed. The creatinine level in the blood is a good indicator of the functioning of the kidneys.

Other tests are also useful, such as measuring creatinine in the urine or measuring what is called: creatinine clearance or glomerular filtration rate (GFR).

Dosage creatinine

The blood level of creatinine is called serum creatinine (serum creatinine). Creatinine is produced in a constant amount in the body, and comes from muscle metabolism. More exactly, creatinine is a product of degradation of our muscles. And it is essentially eliminated by the kidneys.

So when interpreting the result of the creatinine test, it is important to consider the muscle mass of each, sex, weight, age, eating habits (more or less rich in protein), etc.

The determination of creatinine in the blood allows above all to know the functioning of the kidneys and to detect a possible renal insufficiency, a renal disease.

The normal value of creatinine in the blood (serum): between 50 and 110 micromol / l, or about 5 to 13 mg / l. These values ​​may vary slightly depending on the body size of each. Beyond that, more or less severe kidney disease is to be feared, which requires further exploration.

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