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Self-confidence: it can be learned!

You do not dare to speak in public, you are often persuaded that others are doing better than you, you are the type to refuse a promotion for fear of not being up to and disappoint others ...

It sometimes happens that we doubt ourselves. Of his abilities, his work, the way we will be able to solve this or that problem ... But when this feeling of lack of self-confidence takes over, it becomes a real handicap.

Would you suffer from a lack of self-confidence? It's time to react and face your fears to finally live serenely. Self-confidence, it can be learned!

Lack of self-assurance is most often manifested by feelings of inferiority, discouragement, and shame. This leads to a refusal of responsibility, for fear of failure. This often causes discomfort in society, which causes difficulty in speaking in public or simply contact to another.

In our file you will find the necessary information to understand what is lack of self-confidence: the disorders felt, the causes ... but also the solutions to change, with the advice of a psychologist. Finally, read the testimony of Eric, who tells how he managed to assert himself.

You want to react, to give your testimony or to ask a question? Appointment in our FORUMS Psychology, Analysis and Psychotherapy or A doctor answers you!

Authors: Stéphanie Thibault, Dr. Nicolas Evrard and Audrey Leclere.
Expert consultant: Marie Haddou, clinical psychologist.

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