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The nursery

Preparing the nursery is exciting for future parents; this piece materializes the presence of the baby even before his birth. But beyond the aesthetic aspect, it is important to take into account several parameters. The baby's room must promote its development, limit risks and aggression that could affect its well-being, and finally be functional. Close to the parents' room, away from the noisy rooms of the house, sunny (facing south-east to south-west), this is its ideal location.

The furniture

The offer is vast in terms of furniture and often the temptation is great facing these furniture all as cute as each other; however, only a few parts are needed the first few months. You will complete them as the baby grows and needs.

Regarding bedding, the first months a bassinet or cradle are more suitable for the small size of the baby. Avoid wool mattresses, which are prone to the development of dust mites, and consider covering it with a waterproof cover. Some cribs whose height of the bed base is adaptable can also accommodate newborns.

In all cases, around 4 months it will be time to invest in a crib, the cradle has become too narrow. Usable up to 2 or 3 years, it is the ideal bed; the child can not step over the bars, but they allow him to look around and discover his room. The bed must meet the safety standards (they fix at 58 cm the height between the bar of the bed base and the top of the bars, the use of varnish and non-toxic paints, the spacing of the bars between 60 and 75 mm). As for the bassinet or cradle, the mattress must be hard and perfectly adapted to the size of the bed.

The bed can be embellished with a mobile that will stimulate the awakening of the baby and promote his sleep.

Although essential, the changing table often has a bad reputation because responsible for many falls. So we have to choose it carefully. The NF standard or the "comply with safety requirements" is the first criterion of choice. It must have an edge at least 15 cm high, easy to maintain, stable.

A storage cabinet for clothes and a comfortable seat for breastfeeding or bottle-feeding at night will complete the furnishings of the nursery.

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