Erotomania: a psychiatric disorder like no other

Because it affects mostly women and it smells love passion, erotomania is a psychiatric illness not quite like the others .

Erotomania is a chronic delusional disorder dominated by the illusory belief of being loved by a known or higher social figure. A look, a word, a gesture from the other ... and this is the revelation. This other becomes the one who loves, who is passionate about the erotomaniac, without daring to admit it.

Although erotomania is nowadays rarely observed, this disease remains real and continues to invade the lives of those who suffer, and objects of love of the latter. Put in image in many films, evoked many times in TV shows, erotomania fascinates as much as it questions.

Who does not have somewhere in his mind a vision, a personal view of this disease? Who has never feared to be on the border of this mad destructive passion?

To demystify the received ideas, and to clarify the mystery of the erotomania, this article makes the point on this passion dizzying by its vehemence, and troubling by its intensity. Discover the causes, symptoms, and treatments of erotomania ...

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