Laser hair removal: the contraindications

Laser hair removal has some contraindications, it is not suitable for tanned skin, too white skin, black skin, and too light hair.

Sun and laser make bad friends: to avoid any risk of depigmentation, avoid sun exposure before treatment. And after treatment, it is recommended to wait at least a month, before exposing yourself (reasonably) to the sun.

Laser hair removal is generally not recommended during pregnancy by most dermatologists.

Is it painful?

Each time the laser passes, it feels a small burn quite tolerable, more or less marked depending on the area treated.

Hair removal: choose your method!

Swimsuit, armpits or face, from waxing to permanent laser hair removal ... Discover our special file for hair removal at the top!

The prices

Although laser hair removal is becoming more popular, prices remain relatively high. Also, before performing a laser hair removal, the dermatologist or cosmetic doctor must make a quote!

As an indication, the current prices per session are as follows:

  • Underarms, between 100 and 150 €.
  • Jersey, between 120 and 250 €.
  • Upper lip, between 60 and 80 €.
  • Chin, around 100 €
  • Half leg, between 250 and 400 €.

Warning : Prices vary greatly between different providers and institutions. Also note that prices are usually decreasing according to the number of laser hair removal sessions performed. As a rule, package prices are offered.

The best is therefore to inquire with different institutions to compare benefits and prices!

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