Little known, binge eating disorder is a food eating disorder (TCA) in the same way as anorexia or bulimia.

When one suffers from hyperphagia, one has uncontrollable impulses in front of the food, which are generally accompanied by a more or less important weight gain. The other term given to this disease is the binge-eating disorder .

Bulimic overeating - this is the precise name of this disease - is characterized by the absorption, in a very short time, of a large quantity of food. The consequence, of course, is a feeling of overflow, with abdominal distension.

In case of binge eating, there is a total loss of control with the feeling of not being able to stop eating. Guilt and self-loathing often follow these hyperphagia attacks.

Unlike bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder is not associated with behaviors that aim to compensate for food intake (such as vomiting, excessive exercise, fasting, taking laxative drugs ...). Such purging behaviors can occur in exceptional cases but not in a regular way, in which case we would speak of bulimia. This explains the significant frequency of overweight or obesity in people with binge eating disorders.

Unlike other eating disorders, binge eating affects both men and women.

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Authors: Ide Parenty, Dr. Nicolas Evrard and Dr. Ada Picard.

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