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School failure: how to react to the failure of your child's school?

It is very important that the child does not feel alone in this ordeal. You must talk about it, discuss its difficulties.

Wondering how to govern when your child is failing school? Here are 4 key points to remember:

1. Do not wait!

It is important to consult the teacher from the first difficulties. You will prove to your child that he is not alone in his difficulties. However, parents should not be intrusive in their child's life either. There is a degree of privacy to respect.

2. Recognize your efforts and successes.

The child must feel that his work is valued. The valorization of his work will allow the child to gain confidence in himself and his means. Parents must explain to the child where his mistakes are, help him understand them, but also emphasize what is good about his work. This valorization will be the key to the motivation of the child.

3. Do not hesitate to call in specialists.

When the child has persistent academic difficulties in several subjects, after having discussed with the teacher, do not hesitate to talk to a doctor, possibly a pediatrician, to consult a school psychologist or a child psychiatrist, in order to to carry out a psychological and orthophonic assessment.
These assessments will help to identify the origin of the child's difficulties, to distinguish cognitive disorders from problems related to the child's emotional development.

4. Do not dramatize!

Indeed, it is essential not to put pressure on the child. Missing a school year is not catastrophic, and parents must be able to explain it to their child. The success of the child should never be a narcissistic project for parents.
It is therefore important to take an interest in what he or she does in school outside of school learning in the strict sense of the term . Parents should not focus solely on grades.
School is also, and above all, the place of learning of community life, the first place after the very small circle of the family where the child learns to live with others.

If the young person does not commit to long studies, there are also many other ways that can lead to personal and later professional development. The child will have to be helped and supported to find his professional future ... that he will eventually find!

Test on school failure

Early children can not fail school, fail one day - failure always, school failure = 0 effort ... 5 misconceptions about school failure!

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