Keratitis: the symptoms

There are three essential symptoms that should make you think of keratitis.

1) the pain

In the majority of cases it is unsustainable. The cornea has 400 times more pain receptors than the pulp of the fingers and 40 to 60 times more than the pulp of the teeth, as soon as the first millimeters of the cornea are affected, the pain sensation is triggered. This strong pain signifies the attainment of the superficial layer of the cornea; less virulent, it often suggests that the deeper layers may be affected.

2) the watery eyes

He is abundant and unyielding.

3) photophobia

It is an embarrassment to the light which forces to close the eyes, it is particularly distressing because concomitant with a decrease of the visual acuity which makes think that one becomes blind.

The eye can also be red if conjunctivitis is associated with keratitis, which occurs frequently.

What to do ? If these symptoms occur, it is useless to contact the GP, he is not equipped with the apparatus necessary to examine the eye. You must go to an ophthalmologist quickly or general emergencies (or ophthalmic emergencies if you are in Paris). Especially do not put anything else in the eye that physiological saline. No antiseptic or anti-inflammatory eye drops: they can complicate diagnosis or treatment.

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