Intertrigo: treatments

The treatments of an intertrigo are numerous and effective. They are based on both hygiene advice and drugs based on antifungal (against fungi), or antibiotic (against germs).

In preventive:

That is, the means to avoid an intertrigo.

  • Limit the wearing of too tight clothes and prefer more loose clothes,
  • Avoid too hot and humid places (swimming pools, hammams ...),
  • Be intractable about cleanliness and hygiene (regularly wash bath mats, bathrobes and washcloths),
  • If you are subject to intertrigos of myscious origin, before a workout, apply an antifungal powder on all inter-toe spaces. After a shower, dry well.

In curative:

In the case of mycosis: the local application of antifungal treatments (cream, spray, milk or powder) for about two to four weeks should suffice. In the event of resistance, antimycotic tablets are sometimes added.

In the case of a bacterium: for ten days, apply an antiseptic and an antibiotic cream. Oral antibiotics are rarely needed.

These treatments are effective, but beware an intertrigo can reoffend. Hence the importance of properly applying preventive measures, and the doctor will eventually carry out additional tests to find another underlying disease that promotes this skin problem ...

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