Frotteme nts, ​​perspiration, maceration ... Mycosis and other bacteria find a favorable ground to come nestle inside the folds of the skin (armpits, groins, under the breasts, the navel, between the toes, between the fingers, inter-gluteal fold ...).

The infection develops and we are talking about intertrigo. Note that in medicine, the so-called "athlete's foot" is an intertrigo between some toes.

This is a fairly common skin infection favored by local maceration. This skin infection causing local redness and seepage in the folds is caused by specific germs.

This type of pathology develops further under certain circumstances, in a hot and humid environment, in well-rounded babies, in intensive sportsmen, in people suffering from diseases such as diabetes, or immune deficiency.

Note that at the doctor's office, a small sample can be taken to identify the microbial agent that causes intertrigo.

If the intertrigo is well treated, it can unfortunately reoffend. And to avoid it, certain provisions are essential.

What are the specific symptoms, the causes of an intertrigo, how to treat it ... and how to avoid a recurrence? To read the answers in this article written with a dermatologist doctor.

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