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Insomnia: when sleep is lacking!

Insomnia is an impression of bad sleep, or even of not closing the night's eye, with difficulty falling asleep, nocturnal awakenings: the insomniac person is completely awake, ready to get up, or half asleep, or open the eyes every five minutes and sees the needles of his wake turn and sleep finally appears when you have to get up.

Someone who suffers from insomnia usually has difficulty falling asleep. He goes to bed early, being sure he is not going to sleep; the anxiety of not being able to sleep awake maintenance, as soon as it happens to fall asleep, it wakes up regularly in the night for each time having difficulties to go back to sleep.

Or sleepiness may be correct, but waking is early, around 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning, with an impossibility to go back to sleep except at dawn a few minutes before waking up: it is common to meet this kind of insomnia in depressed people ... but not only.

If insomnia persists, it can affect the quality of life, the insomniac can be sleepy in the day, have problems with attention, memory, be irritable. He often takes coffee, tea ... A vicious cycle can take place and insomnia become chronic.

But then, what to do when you suffer from insomnia? The first thing to do is to dig up the possible causes. It must be known that insomnia can have multiple origins: from pathological causes to psychological factors. In order to find a solution and start a suitable treatment, it is therefore essential to determine the origin of his insomnia.

Do you suffer from insomnia and do not know what to do? Before you dig deeper into the causes and solutions of your insomnia, take this test to find out if you are showing symptoms related to sleep disorders !

Do you suffer from sleep disorders?

Do you feel bad sleep and start worrying? Answer a few questions to get to the bottom of it. Take the test!

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