Hysteria: the symptoms

1 - The conversational symptoms of hysteria

Hysteria can be multiple symptoms, which can be infinite. Each of these being likely to have a meaning in the personal history of the patient who suffers from it.

The hysteric expresses her anxieties and her sufferings on her body in a theatrical way (we speak of "conversion" symptoms or symptoms of conversion). We can see :

  • Nerve attacks that look like epileptic seizures
  • Vomitings
  • Repeated discomfort
  • Motor or sensory symptoms
  • Pain during sex

There is no physical cause for these symptoms. Despite the disability they cause, the person who suffers hysteria does not seem to care. This is what psychiatrists historically call "beautiful indifference". In the same way, these symptoms somehow call for secondary benefits, such as the attention and emotional support of those around them.

Conversational symptoms may also be of a psychic nature (selective amnesia, second states, multiple personality or somnambulism).

2 - The disorder of the histrionic personality

The hysterical personality no longer exists to this day, and has given way to the "histrionic personality disorder". This one brings together several character traits:

  • theatricality
  • Exaggerated expression of emotions
  • Suggestibility (easy influence by others)
  • Over-emphasis on physical appearance
  • Need to seduce and be the center of attention
  • Emotional instability

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