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Intimate hygiene: During menstruation

Following the interview of Dr. Anne de Kervasdoué, gynecologist.

What to do during the rules?

Dr. Anne de Kervasdoué: One principle to remember: avoid maceration! Everything is here. Whether you prefer pads or towels, in any case, do not keep them for more than four hours in a row. Easy to understand: if you let blood, secretions ... stay in the broth for a long time. The microbes grow and there can begin the problems.

What type of bacteria is likely to develop?

Dr. AK: Do not change protection often enough, can promote the proliferation of a bacterium called Gardnerella. This bacterium lives in our vaginas. Its pathogenic action is normally regulated by the Döderlein bacillus (protection ecosystem). When Gardnerella is too large (when, for example, we do not change protection often enough), then a very particular and very unpleasant smell (like a smell of bad fish!) Appears. If this happens, do not use deodorant, but rinse. A small vaginal douche with possibly an acidic product to counter the alkaline base of Gardnerella.

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