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Intimate Hygiene: Do's and Don'ts

Interview of Dr. Anne de Kervasdoué, gynecologist.

For the intimate toilet, what are the good tips?

Dr. Anne de Kervasdoué: Good personal hygiene is first and foremost simple actions. You should know that the vagina is somehow "self-cleaning". It is not necessary to go to attack by toilet too much. And it is even frankly not recommended to wash it with soaps or shower gels.

The toilet should be limited to the area of ​​the vulva and the area between the buttocks.

You must therefore wash your finger with water and a specific hygiene product (mild soap-free cleansing base) that respects pH and flora.

Other tips for intimate hygiene ...

Dr AK : Above all, be sure to rinse yourself and dry yourself well. Always avoid maceration (this is the case especially at the time of the rules).

When you go to the bathroom, remember to wipe back and forth, so you do not risk to bring back faeces, on the vulva and to the vagina.

When you go to the pool, rinse well with water and dry well. The chlorine contained in the swimming pool water is an aggressive agent that can make the bed of a fungal infection. Think about it for you and your daughter.

What you should not do ?

Dr. AK : Forget the shower gel on this part of your body. PH is too alkaline and it would unbalance your vaginal flora.

The worst would be, for example, to use Marseille soap. It is known antibacterial faculties that would be criminal on the fragile vaginal flora.

Do not use deodorant sprays either. For the same reason: they could unbalance the vaginal flora.
Warning: especially no washcloth. Even washed regularly, the washcloths are real broth culture. Bacteria and microbes grow there (it's wet, it's hot, all the conditions are there to attract microbes!).

If we do not apply all these tips, we are sure to have problems ...

Dr. AK: Not all women react the same way. Some are more sensitive than others. But as well give good reflexes from the youngest age to little girls and teach them to wash well. Although it is more convenient to wash everything at the same time, it is better to adopt a specific toilet for the vagina and the lips.

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