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Biological clock: (re) find the right rhythm! : desynchronization

What is desynchronization?

When a biological rhythm is disturbed, it loses cohesion with its natural synchronizer. This is called desynchronization. This is the wrong note. Harmony is no more. Our pace and that of the environment are no longer in phase. The most common example is the loss of synchronization between the sleep-wake cycle and the day-night cycle. We want to sleep when it is not time, and vice versa.

The factors of desynchronization

Desynchronization of the biological clock can occur under a number of conditions. Among these we find pell-mell:

  • the lack of natural light,
  • jet lag,
  • snacking,
  • the alcohol,
  • lack of sleep,
  • night work.
Desynchronization is a common phenomenon, but the individual tolerance is very uneven. Take the example of jet lag. According to Dr. Alain Reinberg, research scientist and specialist in biological rhythms, only 30% of people who experience a jet lag of more than 5 hours suffer from desynchronization.

We are not all in the same boat. Faced with the same disruptive rhythm, we do not react all the same way. And that is the genetic heritage that decides. But do not panic, resynchronization is within everyone's reach!

Time difference: our tips for managing jet lag

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