Herniated disc: the causes

It is difficult to find a specific cause for a herniated disc. But of course people who often use their spine carrying heavy loads are more likely to experience this type of problem.

Indeed, it is because the person has solicited a lot of his spine, and because the patient has a particular vulnerability of certain intervertebral discs, that a problem of hernia occurs.

The intervertebral disk consists of two parts: in the center the "nucleus" rather of gelatinous consistency, and around the "annulus" which is a kind of fibrous shell. In case of disc herniation, a portion of the disc core exits through a crack in the fibrous shell. This forms a protrusion - hernia - on the outside of the disc.

A disc herniation occurs most often on the intervertebral discs at the lumbar level (lower back: lumbar disc herniation), but sometimes elsewhere ... Thus, it can occur a disc herniation between two cervical vertebrae (neck: cervical disc herniation) ). If the hernia presses against a nerve root coming out of the spinal cord, it will cause pain.

Depending on the affected nerve root, the patient suffers sensory disorders and especially pain, or sometimes motor disorders.

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