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Hermaphrodite: how to define sex?

Sexual ambiguity discovered at birth is an emergency. It may be the expression of a disease (congenital adrenal hyperplasia), resulting in a significant loss of salt. If this possibility is eliminated, it is urgent to assign a sex to the child.
The sex is not defined, it is the medical team, accompanied by the parents, who will have to choose what will be the sex of the newborn.

To guide their choice, the doctors will carry out medical explorations: a biological analysis of the reproductive organs, genetic analyzes, as well as a hormonal assay. For this, a large medical team will work in symbiosis, during pregnancy and after birth: pediatricians, radiologists, endocrinologists, geneticists, pathologists, psychologists ...

To get out of this state of hermarphrodite, the choice of the sex depends on the appearance of the external genital organs, the possibilities of surgical reconstruction, the anatomy of the internal genital organs as well as the exact cause of the ambiguity. .

Disorders of sexual development can be demonstrated in some cases during pregnancy by ultrasound and diagnosed more precisely through a collection of amniotic fluid.

These exams will help the medical team to make the best possible choice, which unfortunately, in some cases, will not prove to be the right one ... and may have psychological consequences for the child.

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