Hashimoto: sources and notes

Author: Dr Iléana de Lameth, Hospital Practitioner in Endocrinology, Diabetology, Nutrition


1. High Authority of Health (HAS). Hypothyroidism in adults: Diagnosis and care April 2007. www.has-sante.fr/portail/upload/docs/application/pdf/hypothyroidies_frustes_recommandations_vf.pdf

2. Biological diagnosis and monitoring of adult hyperthyroidism February 2000 //www.has-sante.fr/portail/upload/docs/application/pdf/hyperthy_rap.pdf

3. //www.sfendocrino.org/article/43/thyroide

4. National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) State of Play of the Use of Levothyroxine in France - Information Point- November 2013 //ansm.sante.fr/S-informer/Points- d-information-Points-of-information / L-ANSM-publishes-a-state-of-the-place-of-use-of-the-levothyroxine-en-France-Point-of-information

5. //ansm.sante.fr/S-informer/Actualite/Point-of-news-on-the-Levothyrox-and-the-other-medicaments-in-base-of-thelroix-root-Communique

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