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In terms of beauty and well-being, the trend is ethnic; we love to dig into different cultures and traditions. At the top of our preferences: the hammam, a symbol of relaxation and oriental beauty.

Black soap, rassoul and argan oil ... We present the principle of the hammam and essential accessories, but also the many benefits of this beauty ritual 100% natural!

The hammam principle

This is a steam bath at about 50 ° / 60 ° C, in a room with Arabizing decor (to put in the mood!); the heat, saturated with 100% humidity, is easily bearable.

After a small shower, we enter rooms increasingly hot, at its own pace (if we have several rooms). The body has plenty of time to get used to the atmosphere of the hammam. There, we lie down or sit on warm slabs; the key is to feel comfortable, relaxed.

When the heat is too strong, do not hesitate to go out to cool off in the shower; take the opportunity to eliminate the first dead skin with the horsehair glove or mekka.

The rituals of the hammam: essential accessories

The hammam is not just a steam bath; it's also a whole ritual. To discover it, the ideal is to opt for a package including access to the hammam, a scrub, a massage, a black liquid soap, a horsehair glove (the latter two are usually included in a basic package). And do not forget to rehydrate yourself with a delicious mint tea, indissociable from this universe ...

Black soap

A traditional product of oriental beauty, black soap is a paste of vegetable origin (black olive in the Maghreb, palm nut pod in Black Africa) whose goal is to prepare the skin for a 100% natural scrub . The black soap comes in the form of a dark, thick paste, without scent, which mixed with the water becomes liquid.

The body and the wet face are coated with this paste, by means of massages for a better penetration; after a few minutes of break, we proceed to an energetic exfoliation with a vegetable sponge called loofah, or a glove of crêpe granular, kassa. The skin comes out soft, free of dead cells.

The rassoul

Another beauty secret of oriental women, the rassoul is a natural mineral clay, extracted from unique deposits in the world, located on the edge of the Middle Atlas, in Morocco. The rassoul contains no astringent and cleans according to a physical process.

Mixed with hot water, it swells to form a smooth paste. For even more pleasure, rassoul is often mixed with rose water or orange blossom; a few drops of olive oil or sweet almond will provide hydration to the driest skin. The body, the face but also the hair are coated with this thick paste, using circulatory movements to clean the skin; after a few minutes of break, we rinse everything. Result: the pores are tightened, the skin is supple, the hair silky.

The horsehair glove (kessa or loofah)

For an effective peel, but gently, nothing like a good massage with the horsehair glove. This black glove, a rough hair, exfoliates and softens the skin, stimulates blood circulation and regenerates cells. Most hammams offer a scrub professional glove, performed by a masseuse of the establishment.

The mehekka

Less known than the horsehair glove, this ocher clay scrub disc is used to exfoliate the body parts where the dermis is the thickest: typically the soles of the feet, heels and elbows.
Directions for use: first soften the affected part in warm water, apply black soap, then gently rub in circular motions.

Argan oil

Argan oil is a real concentrate of natural virtues. This oil, which is not called for nothing "Moroccan Gold" or "Liquid Gold", is an oil from the argan tree, a tree native to the deserts of Morocco. Rich in vitamin E and moisturizing properties, argan oil moisturizes and nourishes the skin and also have "anti-aging" effects.
The good news: Argan oil not only applies to the skin, but is also a real moisturizing treatment for the hair!

What is your skin type?

Oily, dry, sensitive or normal skin: it is important to know your skin to provide the appropriate care. What is your skin type? Take the test!

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Last updated: 11/10/2016

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