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Halitosis (bad breath): the advice of the dentist

Interview with Dr. Blanche Rosenblum Beer Gabel, dental surgeon and president of the association Prévenir ou cure.

Who should be consulted first when faced with the problem of halitosis?

The first person to consult is his dentist. Because 85% of cases of halitosis are directly related to an oral origin.

What advice would you give to the entourage of a person who suffers from bad breath? Should we talk about it?

It is always difficult for people around to tell a loved one that he has bad breath. Nevertheless it is a great service to him. A person who suffers from halitosis does not feel his own breath in most cases. But, in my opinion, we should not use "devious ways" like the traditional chewing gum offered or the candy. It is wiser, not to offend, to start from his own example, describing a similar problem that could be solved after consulting.

Are some people more affected than others by halitosis?

In a general way, no. There is no prevalence by age or sex. Anyone with periodontal disease (gum injury and tooth support bone) or dry mouth may be affected by halitosis.
Older people who are less salivating and have dry mouths may be more affected as well.
In addition, hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle can also cause a stronger breath.

Do your patients easily evoke the problem of bad breath?

It is always very difficult for a patient to discuss this subject. In general, they never say the word!

What would you recommend to someone who has bad breath and does not dare to talk about it?

The advice I would give is this: everyone can be affected by this problem one day or another. This happened to me after a drug treatment. This is not a shameful disease. This is not necessarily associated with a lack of hygiene. You have to dare to talk about it so you do not end up in a real isolation that can very quickly lead to more serious psycho-social consequences.

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