Hepatitis B: Mother-to-child transmission

The mother-to-child contamination feeds the global "reservoir" of the virus because hepatitis becomes chronic in 90% of cases, while it is less than 10% during adult contamination. Ideally, in countries where the screening of the disease is systematic in the pregnant woman, a treatment can be put in place at the future mother, before the birth of the child.

Transmission to the child, when it occurs, occurs in the last weeks of pregnancy, or, more frequently, during childbirth, when the baby is put in the presence of blood or secretions. his mother.

When the mother is a carrier of the disease, treatment can be immediately implemented in the baby from birth. It is an injection of immunoglobulins, and a simultaneous vaccination.

Today, it is therefore unlikely that the virus will be transmitted from mother to child in countries where detection is mandatory.

Breastfeeding is not forbidden. For the same reason: the newborn being treated from birth, and vaccinated, nothing prevents him from drinking milk from his mother.

Unfortunately, hepatitis B is not systematically detected or prevented by vaccination of newborns worldwide.

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