Hemorrhoids: the symptoms

Hemorrhoidal disease can be more or less advanced: from simple asymptomatic dilatation to externalized prolapse of internal hemorrhoids and the appearance of painful thromboses.

The hemorrhoidal crisis sometimes has no clinical signs, there is only an enlargement of the anus or simple pruritus.

It can also be manifested by pain that is sometimes sharp, disabling, accentuated by sitting, walking; all these signs are often punctuated by defecation.

Sometimes the pain is so severe during defecation that the patient constipates voluntarily. This situation aggravates the dilation of hemorrhoids.

Rectorragies (bleeding in the anus) can occur: they are often minimal, they are red blood and cover the saddle (which means that the bleeding is terminal and not higher in the colon).

It is better to consult for medical advice: it must be sure that the blood comes from hemorrhoids and not from a colon polyp (which can be cancerized, but it is easy to remove), a cancerous tumor or another disease that needs to be treated quickly.

Generally these symptoms last about ten days, or even less. It is even more important to consult when these symptoms persist.

What are the causes of bleeding from the anus?

Bleeding of the anus can have different causes more or less disturbing. Hemorrhoids are one of them.

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