Pregnancy and drugs

Taking any medication during the nine months of pregnancy often worries pregnant women: when waiting for a child, any medicine to take can raise questions.

Medications taken during pregnancy can cause two main types of risk for the future child: malformations or intoxication. During pregnancy, the placenta does not necessarily play the role of barrier and can pass many substances, such as toxic products of cigarettes if the mother smokes, alcohol ... or some molecules contained in the drugs. But be careful not to panic for nothing, serious accidents during pregnancy related to drugs are rare.

Unfortunately, metabolic changes, hormonal ... may cause some symptoms, some disorders that can really hinder or spoil part of the pregnancy of future mothers. These problems can be lessened or even stopped (with more or less success) thanks to different solutions. First of all, non-pharmaceutical solutions will be preferred, with more drugs if this proves to be insufficient.

So what are the drugs allowed and banned during pregnancy? How to get sick during pregnancy without putting your baby at risk? What alternatives exist to drugs?

Homeopathy and herbal medicine, the specific cases of coughs, colds and nausea, testimonials and, above all, the practical advice of a medical specialist: our file brings you all you need to know about drugs and pregnancy. Moreover, it does not only bring you solutions if you get sick: it also tells you what to do if you already take medication for example because of a chronic condition. Here are some rules to follow to avoid any danger.

Author: Dr. Nicolas Evrard.
Expert Consultant: Dr. Christine Damase-Michel, Pharmacologist, Head of the Drug and Pregnancy Unit at the Midi-Pyrenees Pharmacovigilance Center.

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