Pregnancy: protect yourself from the sun

While it is true that any pregnant woman needs a vitamin D intake, also called the "vitamin of the sun", it is nevertheless important not to abuse the sun during pregnancy.

When we wait for a child, we are more sensitive to the risks related to the sun exposure: heat, skin spots, heavy legs ... Indeed, the exposure to the sun and the heat can cause small inconveniences, particularly painful when one is pregnant.

But beware, sometimes the consequences can also be serious: from sunburn to heat stroke, sunstroke to risks directly related to pregnancy ... It must therefore take precautions. Prevention is the watchword!

So, to live well your pregnancy in summer and cross the beautiful season in peace, follow the advice to be sure to protect yourself from the sun as it should!

In this article, you will find plenty of tips for enjoying safe solar exposure during your pregnancy. Learn to protect your skin and prevent the pregnancy mask, to eat while filling up with vitamins, to manage the inconvenience caused by perspiration and the problems of heavy legs ....

And if you go on vacation, follow our tips to prepare your trip properly and to leave safely!

Read also the advice of the obstetrician gynecologist and our tips for buying products that will help you spend a pleasant summer, sunny and safe.

All our advice to live well your pregnancy!

Which foods to focus on or avoid? What about drugs? And what to do in case of fatigue? Health, well-being, beauty ... Discover our practical advice!

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Author: Clémentine Fitaire.
Expert consultant: Dr. Gregory Akerman, obstetrician gynecologist.

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