Influenza: prevention

In frail people, the flu can be serious and lead to complications: the elderly, people with heart or respiratory insufficiency, especially those who smoke, people who are immuno-depressed ( cancer , chemotherapy, etc.) are subjects at risk. For these reasons, prevention by vaccination is recommended.

If these people are not vaccinated and catch the flu, they will be particularly watched by the doctor who sometimes prescribes an antibiotic treatment against a possible bacterial superinfection respiratory.

The anti-viral flu medicine can also have a preventive effect. Thus, it can be prescribed in some people for several days to several weeks to avoid contracting the flu, in case of epidemic context. But the best way for frail patients to avoid catching the flu is to get vaccinated.

The vaccination

Influenza is contagious and in times of epidemic, it is a real socio-economic scourge: not to mention professional absenteeism, the cost for social security is heavy.

It is strongly recommended for people at risk, the elderly to get vaccinated. The vaccine protects them from this disease and thus avoids possible infectious complications, cardio-respiratory, etc.

It is necessary to be vaccinated every year since the virus is in perpetual mutation, the vaccines thus change too. The vaccine is usually available by the end of September.

We can also recommend to people who have many social contacts: teaching staff, seafarers, medical staff ... to be vaccinated, it is not because it is not then refunded that we must take the risk of getting sick and of infecting almost all the people around you. It may also be wise for students preparing exams to get vaccinated.

Since 2012, it is recommended that pregnant women get vaccinated regardless of their term; and obese people (BMI> 40).

The vaccine usually causes few reactions except possibly a small local redness more or less painful, even a very slight fever for a few hours. The vaccine protects only after 15 days: this is the time the body has to make antibodies that will fight the virus. You should know that the vaccine never protects 100% against the flu (vaccine manufactured according to some strains each year).

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