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Baby fever: treatments

The treatments and medications indicated in case of fever in a baby: it is advisable to use only one type of medicine against fever.

Paracetamol is generally preferred in infants.

Dosages should be adapted according to the age and weight of the sick child (60 mg paracetamol per kilogram per day divided into four doses at equal intervals).

Ibuprofen or aspirin can also be used to lower the temperature (but they present risks of skin complications in case of viral infection, and in particular chicken pox).

Aside from these specific situations, most of the time it is advisable to offer to drink to your child (milk, water, or oral rehydration solution purchased in pharmacies in case of diarrhea) to prevent the risk of dehydration.

It is also advisable to favor rest, and to ensure that the temperature of the room does not exceed 20 ° C.

The child should be dressed lightly to allow body heat to escape. It is necessary to monitor the child very regularly.

And of course, if the child is embarrassed by his fever, it must be treated with medication.

Giving a warm bath is no longer advisable, it has long been recommended to give a warm bath (two degrees below its body temperature) to the child in case of fever to bring it down gradually. This method is now abandoned because it can be unpleasant for the child and its effectiveness is uncertain.

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