Miscarriage: Treatments

From a medical point of view, the miscarriage event is "trivial", not serious and rarely compromises the success of future pregnancies.

Gynecologists will provide answers and keys to better understand the origin and consequences of miscarriage, and doctors or midwives will try to help the woman and the couple overcome this painful experience.

From a medical point of view, there is often nothing to do (or not much). The doctor must make sure that the woman is doing well from a clinical point of view, and will do an ultrasound. If he finds that part (or all) of the gestational sac has remained in the uterine cavity, medications or an intervention may be necessary (by aspiration or curettage).

If the woman is Rh-negative (and the Rh-positive companion), the doctor will give treatment to avoid a Rh-problem for future pregnancies.

The role of the entourage is essential! The support must be continuous because over time certain dates will inevitably remind the miscarriage ... But in case of strong anguish it is better to seek support from psychologists or other women who have had the same experience.

Do not hesitate to consult a psychologist in case of serious distress. A miscarriage may not be harmless for future pregnancies and babies (fear of not being able to get pregnant, fear losing their child again ...).

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