Miscarriage: Late miscarriages

Late-term miscarriage occurs after 12 weeks of pregnancy (ie 3 months of pregnancy or 14 weeks of amenorrhea) - but before 20 weeks.
When the miscarriage occurs before 12 weeks of pregnancy (14 weeks of amenorrhea), we speak of early miscarriage .

Causes of late miscarriage

The causes of late miscarriage are often quite different from those of early miscarriage.

In most cases, a gap in the cervix is ​​involved. A natural open bite related to morphology, or an open bite due to repeated previous curetages, or surgery on the cervix.

It is the hysterography (x-ray of the uterus) that will make it possible to determine an accurate diagnosis.

What to do in case of late miscarriage?

In a late miscarriage, hospitalization is necessary.

The maternal rhesus must be checked systematically. If it is negative, an injection of anti-D antibodies (or gamma globulins) is practiced to avoid problems of rhesus incompatibility, during the next pregnancies.

The expulsion of the embryo or fetus then resembles childbirth. It will be under epidural or under general anesthesia.

In subsequent pregnancies, a strapping may be proposed. If open bite of the cervix is ​​involved, a small wire will be placed around the cervix, from the third month of pregnancy. It will tighten the cervix, and hold the fetus to an end. The strapping is removed the last month of pregnancy.

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