Miscarriage: recurrent miscarriage

As we have said, a miscarriage is, most often, a simple accident without consequence. Yet, some women repeat these natural abortions. We are talking about repeated miscarriages, starting from three miscarriages. It is then necessary to determine the cause of these repetitions. For this, the doctor will have to conduct an investigation:

  • He will first look for a possible diabetes .
  • He goes then to establish the karyotype of the parents: it is the study of the chromosomes. A simple blood test is then necessary. The karyotype will make it possible to determine any genetic abnormalities .
  • He will also look for a possible malformation in the uterus or a fibroid . For that, some exams will be necessary. The reference exam is the x-ray of the uterus: hysterography. This radio will reveal a possible malformation of the uterus: a congenital malformation, such as a bicorne uterus or a septate uterus (it works very easily).
  • Thanks to hysterography, it will also be possible to detect a possible " union" of the uterine wall (most often linked to previous abortions). A small surgery can usually repair this problem.
  • An infectious and immunological assessment will also be performed. It will detect an infection of the cervix, for example, or an immunological disorder. In the case of an immunological disorder, the embryo is "analyzed" by the mother's organism, like a foreign body that it will seek to evacuate.
  • It can also be coagulation disorders: clots of blood are formed in the placental circulation, which cause miscarriage. The recommended treatment is then low-dose aspirin, or possibly a low-dose corticosteroid.
  • Hormonal problems must be sought. These hormonal dysfunctions can come from the ovaries (which make too much androgens, for example), or from the thyroid.

When the doctor is unable to determine the cause of these recurrent miscarriages, he will suggest treatment with a corticosteroid or aspirin, and sometimes with anticoagulants, before the beginning of the next pregnancy.

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