Epilepsy: hyperthermic convulsions of the child

Babies and small children may convulse during a fever spike greater than 39 ° C. In this case, they must be hospitalized at the first seizure to search for a possible cause other than fever. .

They are not serious, but if they last less than a few minutes. If it continues, the brain may suffer.

Children who have had a hyperthermic convulsive seizure tend to relapse once or twice as children at times of fever. Sudden changes in temperature must be prevented by giving antipyretics (fever medication) as soon as the child has fever.

It is necessary to discover the child, to put it in a room with 18-20 ° C.
If the child convulsions despite antipyretics, the doctor may advise an anticonvulsant such as Valium intra-rectal. To be done only on the advice of a doctor!

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Dr. Ada Picard, Dr. MC Bonduelle and Dr. Nicolas Evrard.


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