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Enuresis: the causes

After five years, the parents must bring the child to a doctor's consultation to establish the cause of bedwetting, and especially to know if it is not a pathology.

There are several causes that can lead to bedwetting.

When a child's urinary system is mature, the bladder collects urine excreted by the kidneys. At its base, a muscle (the sphincter) keeps it closed. When the bladder is full, the urge to pee appears and during urination the brain controls the relaxation of the sphincter.

On the other hand, during the night the activity of the kidneys is slowed down, they secrete less urine, thanks to a hormone called DHA (Anti-Diuretic Hormone).

Smaller children may have a nervous system that does not completely control the bladder and sphincter contractions, especially at night.

In other children, sleep would be too deep to be awakened by the urge to pee. The hormone ADH may be involved.

A quarter of energetic children would suffer from an ADH deficiency at night resulting in too much urine for a small bladder, which requires night emptying; if the little one has a little heavy sleep and that's the accident.

The diagnosis

The diagnosis of enuresis is simple, the physician determines, with questions to parents, whether it is a primary or secondary enuresis. If it turns out that the child has already been clean, he can prescribe examinations, and in particular a urine test to ensure the absence of organic or infectious problems.

It is important for the child to feel supported and not depreciated. Instead of belittling him when his bed is wet in the morning, it is best to congratulate him when he is dry. A child will be able to heal more easily if he is supported and understands what is happening to him.

Stress in children

If the word "stress" comes out of the mouths of children, they are nonetheless potential victims. Here are some tips for detecting stress symptoms in your child!

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