Lighten your skin: watch out for danger! : Medical techniques to lighten skin

Following the interview of Dr. Antoine Mahé, dermatologist at the Pasteur Hospital of Colmar, author of "Dermatology on black skin", Editions Doin. It details the medical techniques used to lighten the skin ... and their limits.

What are the medical techniques you have for thinning the skin?

Dr. Antoine Mahé: There is no authorized product, nor technique allowing a lightening of the skin in a generalized way, as it is targeted in the voluntary depigmentation. Peels or other medical depigmentation techniques only allow spot and localized treatment of spots ("pregnancy mask"), or localized imperfections. The only safe way to work with mixed skin is to protect yourself from the "tanning" effect of the sun.

Does not giving up thinning your skin require psychological support?
Dr. AM: In my opinion, we are not here before an individual psychological problem, of "neurotic" order, but in front of a cultural, family problematic ... The stigmatization, the guilt are not appropriate, because unfair and counterproductive. It is a question of approaching the problem directly, without wishing at all costs to intellectualize it as a denial of its skin color.

It is therefore primodial to inform ...
Dr. AM: Women reproduce a behavior, pass on recipes from mother to daughter, from friend to friend without necessarily asking the question of the merits of the practice. This is mainly a problem of collective education, information to pass, including the side effects of the products used. And especially in connection with pregnancy, because there is a real danger for the child in utero (or during breastfeeding). Mercurial derivatives are very toxic to the kidneys, nerves, hydroquinone is mutagenic, and corticosteroids are also harmful.

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