Dyscalculia: the diagnosis

It is the speech therapist who carries out the diagnosis of dyscalculia. For this, he carries out a review that consists of studying the logical abilities of the patient through the analysis of logical structures: classes, connections, conservations, combinatorics - which allow the mathematical construction, the study of the number and operations.

But dyscalculia is also diagnosed by the study of language, the elaboration of which is an index of the functioning of thought.

At the beginning of the assessment, the patient traces his medical history, development and schooling, about his dyscalculia.

During the assessment, the speech therapist passes various tests to understand where are the difficulties, where the patient is in relation to his age.

If the speech therapist diagnoses a disorder of the dyscalculic type and / or logical reasoning, he will propose a rehabilitative management.

Speech-language assessment and the management of computational disorders and logical-mathematical reasoning are acts of diagnosis and rehabilitation, which are included in the general nomenclature of speech therapists' acts. As such, these acts of care to treat dyscalculia, are supported by the Health Insurance.

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