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Blood in the stool

Seeing blood in the stool can be impressive and disturbing. Although this symptom is not necessarily alarming, the blood in the stool is of course an abnormal symptom.

This blood can be seen while in the bathroom, either in the stool or on the toilet paper. But it can also be found in the stool when it has been analyzed in the laboratory.

It is important to know in what context appeared the blood in the stool. If this has occurred during diarrhea, gastroenteritis ... an infection should be sought.
The amount of stool in the stool is variable. But the amount of blood is not necessarily related to the severity of the problem, or the disease. Generally, it is only traces of red blood, which is sometimes found on toilet paper.

But other times, it can be a significant amount of blood ... which also frightens the person who is a victim of such a problem. Other times, blood flows through the anus. In all these cases, the advice of a doctor is essential: the presence of blood in the stool must prompt you to consult.

Also know that there is a test to detect the presence of blood in the stool. In any case, it is important to detect it even if you do not see it. Free stool-based colon cancer screening, which is organized in France for all people over 50 years of age, can detect the presence of blood in the stool.

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