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Chronic pelvic pain: treatments

The therapeutic approach of chronic pelvic pain must be multidisciplinary with different outcomes of different treatments: drugs, rehabilitative techniques, or neurostimulation, use of hypnosis, brief therapies ...

The treatment will depend on the cause that is causing the pain. However, the patient often takes self-medication analgesics adapted to the type of pain and localization, which can relieve this symptom. But often when these symptoms are severe or repetitive this solution is not sufficient or satisfactory ...

The global approach to pelvic-perineal pain should encourage an improvement in the knowledge of these pains by specialists, with, of course, an improvement in the training of practitioners.

To begin, the practitioner asks the patient many questions about his pain, and examines it for the purpose of:

  • Look for a triggering element, a favoring terrain,
  • Detect possible neurological disorders,
  • To analyze the psychological and behavioral dimension of chronic pelvic pain.

These triggering or promoting factors will guide the diagnosis, and will therefore allow to prescribe treatments (drugs, physiotherapy, infiltrations ...).

An anxiety component can sometimes aggravate chronic pelvic pain: whatever the origin of the pain, relaxation techniques (meditation, sophrology, hypnosis ...) can be useful.

In video: true / false on sophrology

Video interview with Catherine Aliotta, director of the Sophrology Training Institute, who gives a lot of practical information on this relaxation technique.

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