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Knee pain

Knee pain, or sometimes both knees, is a fairly common health problem. To know the cause, one must of course know the circumstances of occurrence of this pain, the age of the patient ...

An examination performed by a doctor is necessary, sometimes with additional tests: radiography, sometimes CT or MRI.

It is important to be examined by a doctor because the symptoms can be misleading. Indeed, it happens that a knee pain, in fact, reveals a problem of hip or spine.

The general practitioner must be the first doctor consulted, specialists in osteo-articular problems are the rheumatologist, or a functional rehabilitation doctor.

This pain can occur in different parts of the knee, and depending on the location of the pain, the circumstances of appearance, signs (knee blockage, swelling) possibly accompanying these pain ... a diagnosis may be already mentioned by the doctor. Some painful manifestations are quite typical.

For example, a person who complains mostly knee or down the stairs, will think of a patellar problem (patellofemoral).

Another example: a pain that is accompanied by blocked knee episodes, will suggest a meniscus problem. But of course, the most common cause, especially from a certain age, is osteoarthritis of the knee.

An orthopedic surgeon is consulted, if an operation is envisaged. Finally, if you are athletic and the pain is related to your physical activity, it is best to talk to a sports doctor.

Depending on the symptoms that the patient suffers from, the examination by the doctor, and the results of any additional examinations (radiography, CT scan, arthroscopy ...), an accurate diagnosis will be made.

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Author: Dr. Nicolas Evrard.

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