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Dental pain: sources and notes

Author : Elide Achille

Expert Consultant : Dr. Vianney Descroix MCU-PH, Department of Odontology GHPS - Paris.


- Moore R, . Birn H., Kirkegaard E., Brodsgaard I., Scheutz F., Prevalence and characteristics of dental anxiety in Dansish adults. Community Oral Dent Epidemiol 21: 292-296, 1993.

- Pionchon P., "Manifestations of the psyche in orofacial pains", Clinical Realities, Orofacial pains, Paris, Vol. 5 No. 2, 1994, p.241.

- Hennequin M. (2005), "Treating Dental Pain in Mental Health", Mental Health, No. 99: 57-59.

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