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Age differences: the testimony of Mélanie, 28 years old

Mélanie married Gérard two years ago. She is 28 years old, Gerard is 54. They have a little boy of 18 months together.

Your husband is 26 years older than you. How do you live that?

Very good ! My husband is charming, funny, super-active, intelligent ... I love it! His age, really, I do not care. That makes us laugh, more than anything else. He has a girl who is my age and we are very girlfriends. We are the archetype of the stepfamily. My husband has been married twice before me. He had two children from his first marriage, three from his second. And with me, for now, he has a son. He has a very good relationship with his first two women, whom I know and see quite often. Everyone has made a new life, and everything is harmonious.

How did you meet each-other ?

I knew my husband at work: he's my boss. So much to say that I know him in all its aspects, professional and personal. When I knew him, I instantly fell in love with him. He has such a personality, such a charisma ...

At the time I was 25, but I would have had 103, I would have fallen in love with him in the same way. He sometimes tells me that it's a moment in my life, that it will not last forever. This is his speech, and it's normal, he's already divorced twice. He must know that love is not always eternal! But I do not see things like that. I'm in love with him. He is the man of my life. It's with him that I want to live. He is 54 years old. He is still very young. Especially in his head, he's a real kid. I am much more mature than him! It's me, the reasonable couple ... And when I think of him in ten or twenty years, I always imagine it the same. A little more wrinkled, maybe ... but still so charming and dynamic. Really, his age does not pose any problem.

And in your surroundings, how is it going?

Very good. His friends immediately accepted me. They are fun, cheerful, dynamic people, even if they are the age of my parents.
For my family, it was more difficult. I am from a fairly bourgeois background. When I said that I had a serious relationship with a man who had already been married twice and had five children, they got a little twisted. The fact that he is much older, they did not like it. My mother, especially, broke my feet with that at the beginning. Since we have our son, she does not speak to me anymore. But, at first, it was hard! What are you going to do with an old man? You ruin your youth. He's having fun with you ...
For two or three years, at first, I did not go home too much. I did not want to hear that kind of comment. Now, I think my parents got the idea. And then, they know Gerard a little better. They are the same age, but it does not show. My parents are serious, old, what ... While Gerard is always a perpetual teen I must reason often. Besides, he calls me Mom ... It's true that I often feel that I'm the mother ...

And the future, how do you see it? You want another child?

Why not ! The future, you know ... who can consider it? As Celine said, to talk about the future is to talk to maggots ... We can not know. Tomorrow, maybe I'll be crushed by a car! We live what we have to live and that's all. To ask too many questions leads to immobility. We are happy, both of us. I hope we will stay long. So, why not another child?

The opinion of the psychiatrist

The opinion of Dr. Youssef Mourtada:

Very nice story that of Melanie. We see that his love is sincere and that the age is of little interest. She even reverses the situation by stating that if she was 103, she would have fallen in love in the same way.

However, we can imagine that it is the image of the father she loves in Gerard. A father who is also his boss, his mentor. And who in the relationship is his boyfriend! What a beautiful role reversal. And what a pretty place for her. She finds herself, with him and his friends, the youngest, the most beautiful, the center of all eyes. And with a man she admires and who has, given her age, little chance of leaving for a younger ...
The relationship is perfectly controlled.

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