Depression: the symptoms

The two most typical symptoms are sadness and psychomotor retardation.

The person is in a softening and irascible state. Her interest in the things of life diminishes, she crushes black, cries and ruminates obsessive thoughts. His diet and sleep can be disrupted.

Added to this is self-deprecation: the depressive no longer has self-esteem and sometimes feels an excessive sense of guilt.

In his daily life, his concentration and his decision-making power are diminished. Over time, and if left untreated, the symptoms may worsen or even become self-sustaining.

Sleep disorders can become chronic, with daytime fatigue exacerbating depressive symptoms. The depressive feels even worse in his skin. Sometimes life seems so difficult and the trials so insurmountable that suicide attempts are to be feared.

Depression in children and teens

About 3% of children and 14% of teenagers suffer from depression. But it is not always easy to identify ... How to recognize the signs of depression in young people?

Physical symptoms may also occur, such as:

  • slimming,
  • chronic pain (headache or back pain most often).

Provided that the medical examination did not reveal any particular organic problem. In some cases, depression may also be secondary to chronic pain.

In men most often, the symptoms may be atypical. The sadness can thus go unnoticed, masked by other, more temperamental symptoms. For example: irritability, impulsivity or addictive addiction.

In the elderly, depression can result in symptoms close to dementia, such as behavioral problems or memory problems.

As for depression in children, it manifests itself in a very diverse way from one subject to another. Behavioral problems, concentration difficulties, fatigue, are all symptoms that may reflect depression.

Lower morale or depression?

A passing morale drop ... it happens! And if it was a real depression? Take the test to find out ...!

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