Cystitis: a typically feminine urinary infection

Acute cystitis is usually an infection of the bladder. It is an acute inflammation of the lining of the bladder due to a bacterial infection, which is manifested by burning or pain when urinating.

But beware, localized pain in this area, burns while urinating do not necessarily mean the presence of a urinary tract infection. So, the best is to make sure that the doctor is suffering from an infection.

Cystitis is more common in women than in men. They are most often benign and are treated today with a single dose of medication most of the time.

Episodes of cystitis usually have peak frequency at the beginning of sexual activity or after menopause. To prevent them, it is necessary to think of drinking enough especially when it is hot, to have a correct and regular hygiene.

In pregnant women, one must be sure that the treatment is effective and not allow to treat an infection. Because she can be at risk for the good progress of the pregnancy.

If the cystitis is too frequent, if it does not cure with a "standard" antibiotic treatment or if it occurs in the child, in the man where it may be necessary to go further investigations in search of a pathology responsible for urinary disorders.

All our tips to avoid vaginal infections:

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