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Cracks and cracks: when the skin is harmed

Everyone knows this unpleasant sensation, often in winter, when the skin dries, pulls, until cracks and crevices appear.

In winter, the skin sometimes suffers cold aggression. When temperatures drop, the parts most exposed to the air, wind and cold are the hands and face (ears, lips ...). The skin of these zones, already sensitive, can be weakened by the external aggressions, which favors the occurrence of cutaneous irritations.

One of the consequences may be the appearance of cracks or crevices, bothersome and often painful. Sometimes, despite the protective creams and gloves, we can not avoid the appearance of these lesions ...

Cracks and crevices: what is it exactly?

The cracks and crevices are superficial fissures of the skin, which can be more or less deep. Under the effect of the cold, the skin becomes very dry, tight and uncomfortable. The cracks and crevices can sometimes go up to the blood capillaries, small bleeding can appear in the chapping. These lesions are often difficult to heal.

If one does not intervene quickly with a suitable treatment, the cracks and chapping can worsen. To remedy these inconveniences, it is necessary to use a specific care that will relieve the skin and promote its repair.

Read this full article on cracks and crevices, to learn how to avoid them - especially by taking care of the skin of his hands and face - and to know the solutions to treat them.

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Authors: Clémentine Fitaire and Dr Nicolas Evrard.

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