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Couple in crisis: when nothing goes!

Not a cloud on the horizon for 2, 4, 7 years ... then comes the day when your couple is in crisis: nothing goes. In the life of a couple, we find several phases that surface and that put it to the test. When a child arrives, because of the routine, the fear of getting older ... the couple may experience a more serious or serious crisis.

The reasons for a crisis in the couple are very numerous, and it is not a question here of enumerating the external causes likely to lead to such a problem. We will focus instead on the intrinsic reasons of the life of the couple, and in particular the expectations of each and every one of them ... which are not necessarily always the same, can evolve and diverge over time.

One of the bases of the problem of the crisis of couple comes from the fact that our expectations with respect to the other can be pushed too much to the extreme. You expect your partner to be irreproachable, but you may not question yourself on your side.

The couple crisis is synonymous with change, so we must confront and adapt by making concessions when possible.

To better understand the crisis your couple is going through, and especially to help you find solutions, discover our file where we focus on the possible reasons for the couple crisis, but where we mainly try to indicate some possible solutions for make it out !

Do not miss the advice of our expert, Dr. Sylvain Mimoun, medical specialist, gynecologist, andrologist and psychosomatician. Then discover the testimony of Edith who has managed to overcome her relationship problems with her husband.

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Author: Margaret François.
Expert Consultant: Dr. Sylvain Mimoun, gynecologist, andrologist and psychosomatician.
April 2011.

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